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Under individual color vision diagnostic we provide color vision correction lenses to help color vison deficient and color blind people to discover more colors and hues that were unrecognizable before. Colorlite color vision correction glasses are personalized to your unique color blindness and vision prescription with any kind of frames. Visit one of our partner optics to try the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses! 


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Mutations in the OPN1LW, OPN1MW, and OPN1SW genes cause the forms of color vision deficiency. The proteins produced from these genes play essential roles in color vision. Based on the genetic origin many types of color vision deficiency could be manifested! Colorlite color vision correction glasses are custom made to your unique color blindness and vision prescription. According to our present knowledge color blindness cannot be cured. However, improvement by visual aids, similar to normal eyeglasses, is possible.


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With a normal glasses, you see the world more sharply, but with the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses it will be even more colorful! Our glasses enhance your color experience and expand the range of visible colors.


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What you need to know about Colorlite color blindness correction glasses

1. How can I get Colorlite color blindness correction lenses?

Contact one of our partner optics and take the benefits of an eye care professional!  Or  take the testchoose a frame and order your glasses online. 

2. When can I get it?

About 4 weeks after purchasing.

3. Can it be applied to normal eyeglasses?

Yes, it can be used any kind of prescription glasses (plano or focal).

4. Can I use the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses with other frames?

Yes, order only the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses and visit your eye care professional to cut and fit the lenses to your frame! Colorlite does not provide warranty for the lenses once they are cut to the customer-provided frames as they are not in the original condition any more!

5. Why Colorlite color blindness correction lenses are colored?

The tints are the side effect of this technology. The color spectrum is changed by colored coatings.

6. Do I need UV protection layer?

Yes, and It is included! Colorlite color blindness correction lenses absorb less then 40% of the incoming light, therefor your pupils are more opened. UV protection blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

7. Can I use Colorlite color blindness correction glasses to pass color vision tests?

With the help of the Colorlite color blindness correction glasses you might achieve significantly better result or pass the color vision tests, however it is not certainly accepted by the authorities. Laws and regulations differ by country to country. Well known objective tests like Ishihara plates demonstrate the improvement, that can be measured by the Colorlite Color Vision Test also. Clinical trials prove that Colorlite corrective lenses result in significant improvement in more than 95% of color vision deficiency (CVD) cases. You will discover more colors and hues that were unrecognizable before!

8. Can I use the Colorlite color blindness correction glasses at night?

We do not recommend to use the Colorlite color blindness correction glasses at night, however the regulation allows it. The Colorlite correcive lenses absorb less than 40% of the incoming light.

9. How should I use Colorlite color blindness correction glasses?

When you pick up your Colorlite color blindness correction glasses, give time to your eyes to adopt to the new colored environment. It takes a few minutes. Adaption is very important part of the mechanism of color vision enhancement. You are fully adapted to your Colorlite corrective glasses only when example a white wall is seen white again.

10. Can I order bifocal, multifocal or cylindrical lenses?

If you need bifocal, multifocal or lenses outside of ±6 dioptric range please contact us in email!

11. Where can I try the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses?

You can try the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses and choose and kind of frames, if you visit one of our partner optics

13. What is PD?

PD is distance of your pupils. If you don’t know your PD, we produce your glasses to the normal (average) 64 mm PD.

12. How can I order Colorlite color blindness correction glasses if I am outside of the EU?

You can not order via to the website. Please contact us in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Colored glasses for dyslexia

Dislexia correction

One of the reason of learning disabilities in the background is sometimes the dyslexia. The Colorlite colored lenses might reduce the symptoms of dyslexia. Following an ophthalmic examination, with the help of a specialist, the best lens is selected where the reading speed increased the most. The complete test is about 1.5 hours. The corrective effect of color lenses in dyslexia could be based on the synchronization of the velocity of nervous pulses in the optic nerve, that may improve the reading speed. The correction lenses can be produced in prescription. Further research is needed to improve the effectiveness.   



Colorlite colored lenses may reduce the symptoms of dyslexia

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